Ghanshyam Charitra

Table of Contents
Lessons 1 - 26

1.The Curse of Durvasa
2.The Birth of Ghanshyam Maharaj

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3.Ghanshyam and Krityas
4.Punishment to Kotara
5.Markanday Muni Named Ghanshyam
6.Get Ghanshyam's Ears Pierced
7.Testing and Choice
8.Siddhis came with Food
9.Glimpse of the universe in Ghanshyam's mouth
10.Ghanshyam on the Head of SheshNag
11.In the company of moon
12.Surprised Barber
13.Gomati gave Milk
14.Death of kalidatta
15.Laxmiji Came to Play
16.Ghanshyam made the fish alive
17.Remedy for small pox
18.Miracle of Trance
19.Ghanshyam Bestowed Sight
20.Ghanshyam as Ramchandra
21.Ghanshyam bites the monkey
22.Golden Cannon
23.Victory over Wrestlers
24.Godhood of Ghanshyam
25.The Sparrows in Trance
26.Ghost in Well


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Ghanshyam Charitra