Things of Prasadi

Bordi Tree, Rajkot (Gujarat)
History: This Bordi tree is approximately 170 years old. At that time when a Satsang Sabha was held underneath this tree. Lord Swaminarayan, Gopalanand Swami, many other Sants and Haribhakts were present in this Sabha. Gopalanand Swami tried to raise him-self and some of the kata of this Bordi hit his Pagh. He said to this tree that even when Lord Swaminarayan is sitting under your shadow, you still did not quit your Swabhav (bad behavior). At that moment, all the kata from this tree fell off onto ground. To this date (today), this Bordi tree is alive and has no kata. This Bordi tree also gives the fruit called "Bor."


Jarkasi Jamo, Gyan Baug, Vadtal (Gujarat)
History: Lord Swaminarayan wore this Jarkasi Jamo (dress).


Sitting Pat, Dholera (Gujarat)
History: Lord Swaminarayan sat on this sitting Pat and held Satsang Sabha and Katha-Varta.


Mojadi (Shoes), Jetalpur (Gujarat)
History: Lord Swaminarayan wore this Mojadi (shoes).


Water Well, Gyan Baug, Vadtal (Gujarat)
History: Lord Swaminarayan has taken bath and drank water from this water well.


Gomati lake, Vadtal (Gujarat)
Lord Swaminarayan asked to construct Gomati lake. He gave a boon that Ganga, Yamuna, which are holy rivers, will reside in this Gomati. Lord had taken bath with several Saints and Haribhakts.


Ghela river, Gadhada (Gujarat)
Lord Swaminarayan had taken bath several times with His Saints and Haribhakts.


Laxmivadi, Gadhada (Gujarat)


Harimandap, where Lord Swaminarayan wrote Shikshapatri, Vadtal (Gujarat)




Swaminarayan Prasadi ni Vastu